Entry #14

New Age of Grotesque

2011-06-29 00:13:44 by GoddaM

nothing special to report---I have fully embraced the digital age and am now consistently producing digital paintings, of the beginner/intermediate variety. I am still learning a lot about techniques, tricks of the trade, usage of lighting, so on and so forth. looking forward to studying more and getting better.

Special Thanks to ornery and Flowers10 for scouting my fledgling works for feature in the Art Portal---much appreciated, peoples : }


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2011-10-01 03:01:37

Love the art bro. Keep it up.

GoddaM responds:

thanks man, much appreciated---been slackin on it of late, but plans to get back to it soonish


2013-09-23 04:20:52

your art is great man, keep up the good work